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  Published: 2 weeks ago


Roblox - Adopt Me - I am back on Adopt Me with my Roblox Family! My son's pet went missing a long time ago, and it turns out our family pet died! I thought I had finally found my sons missing pet, but he's dead! Im not sure if I should tell him, or keep it a secret!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Eggbert is not dead! I know he is still out there!

1 hour ago
Can we be friends in roblox? Plssss.. only if you know how!!! -_- but yeahhh, can i?

3 hours ago
Abigail has EggBurt

4 hours ago
Is ellie juju i see a ghost name abigail then i see some egg bert name in their and i see is ellie

4 hours ago
How I reacted to they said
It's bc it's pee not lemonade
Me: throw ups my lemonade
Eggbert died
Me: what nooo it can't be no no nooo*cries* oog

5 hours ago
I found your dog i have him and I am tacking care of you

5 hours ago
I want to help you ♥️

5 hours ago
Zai meet me in adopt me tell baby bigs egg Burt is alive I will replace egg Burt for him

5 hours ago
I know were is eggburt someone gave it to me

Username =znicornkate

8 hours ago
I saw something behind the rock

8 hours ago
samwan stool him

9 hours ago
Sai my pet died

9 hours ago
Oki imma drink my pee

9 hours ago
Ik where egg Burt cause he’s in a cabin in the vent take a turn then u see

10 hours ago
Yes she is

11 hours ago
My cat die and he was my special pet so went I watched this video I was crying

13 hours ago
Nooooo Egbert was baby Biggs is life Rest In Peace Egbert me : brings flowers to Egbert

14 hours ago
I-i know were to get not joking....

14 hours ago
Edwards actually dead

14 hours ago

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