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Kehlani - Butterfly [Official Video]
  Published: 5 months ago


The official video of "Butterfly" by Kehlani from the mixtape 'While We Wait'.

'While We Wait' available now -

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The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kehlani.

The Grammy Award-nominated R&B/pop songstress Kehlani caught the ears of many with 2015’s You Should Be Here earning her a 2016 Grammy Award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” In 2017, she revealed her debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE which ushered in the gold-certified singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” In October of 2017 she introduced “Honey” which accumulated over 63 million streams worldwide. In 2019, she collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign on her single “Nights Like This”.

Aside from the music, Kehlani has ventured off into the tech industry with her health and wellness startup, Flora. “Bridging the gap between my career, activism and my audience is important to me as a next step,” says Kehlani. “I look forward to creating positive change and making strides in tech.”

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago
Muito boa essa música e o clipe é lindo! 👏💥❤

7 days ago
she. is. gorgeous.

1 week ago
I like how it ended

2 weeks ago
Under fuckin rated

3 weeks ago
She reminds me of Brandy

4 weeks ago
Ok girl I love you but this symbolism is crazy. Wow

1 month ago
Kehlani is the definition of ray of sunshine ❤️🌞🙏🏽

1 month ago

1 month ago
Beautiful Mother ms. Keylani Earth ✨❤💝🌹❤✨

1 month ago

1 month ago

2 months ago
❤this is so beautifull

2 months ago
I feel the baby coming

2 months ago
I love this song. Giving me Brandy vibes.

2 months ago
I like her hair long

2 months ago
Know we're scared of us, what this might become
Ain't no goin' back no more, no more
We're in the same bed, cannot lay awake
Let's fill up this space with us
Butterfly, yeah, yeah
You make me feel brand new
Oh, I feel it comin', got a rush like I'm runnin'
No, don't go lookin' for somethin'
Oh, I feel it comin', got a rush like I'm runnin'
No, don't go lookin' for somethin'
Oh, oh, oh
So you seem to think you're invisible
You're so far from silhouette
You tell on yourself between every word
And leave all this room for me
Butterfly, yeah
I miss feelin' for you
Oh, I feel it comin', got a rush like I'm runnin'
No, don't go lookin' for somethin'
Oh, I feel it comin', got a rush like I'm runnin'
No, don't go lookin' for somethin'
You speak in dictionaries while fearing less than all will understand
Virgo moon, I'm so used to your dance
Tongue too swole to comprehend
I see you duck and dodge at every bend
Afraid to play your card, be forced to show your hand
I hope you take from this that it'll make you no less of a man
To break your walls and simply grab my hand
Love shouldn't be contraband
It shouldn't treble on your confidence
Shouldn't be seen as less than compliments

2 months ago
Can we just take a minute and witness Kehlani beautifulness she is a amazing artist and she deserves a Grammy she is my favorite female artist!🥰🥰🥰🥰

3 months ago

3 months ago
She’s beautiful 🦋

3 months ago
Gabbie Hanna butterflies can’t compare

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