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Super Capacitor Rocket
   Tom Stanton
  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Are you self thought? You definitely know a lot about this. Why don't you put in the bottom end a rocket engine and launch it with the propeller as high as it goes and then switch on the rocket engine and see how high it can go. And you can make the propeller to come off before you switch on the rocket engine. Add a camera

19 hours ago

22 hours ago
Ok, but you have a bunch of empty space in the middle of the rocket, so why not include a small lipo battery cell inside the rocket body applying additional energy to the capacitors?

1 day ago
Props to you for actually explaining what’s happening and making me learn something from videos like these

2 days ago

2 days ago
My cats like. Whaaut thee fuck was that noise

2 days ago
Dude, your channel is super cool! keep it up :)

2 days ago
Love the idea of the supercap plane I always hated the wait time when having to charge

4 days ago
Put a Tesla on it bra

1 week ago
I want to see more builds with these capacitors

1 week ago
Any military application?

1 week ago
why did u connect 6 caps to a 18V/30A/540W motor? theyre the same size as 20A lithium 18650 of which 6 would be 20A/24V/480W. you should have connected them to a 2KW EDF

2 weeks ago
Put a little solar panel😎

2 weeks ago
I love the sound

2 weeks ago
You need two counter-rotating props so it doesn't spin the rocket

2 weeks ago
that is so cool
well done!!

2 weeks ago
This is awesome! Can you make it multi-stage so that it uses the bottom most capacitors first and then drops them as it goes up?

2 weeks ago
Looks like you still have physical room for double the amount of super capacitors used here. Couldn't you have connected more in parallel to get more capacity, and therefore a longer flight time?

2 weeks ago
10:29 is the best part!

2 weeks ago

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