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AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk
  Published: 6 months ago


The wait for AMD's new flagship Radeon VII is over! But how does it compare to Vega 64, GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
Has the drivers been fixed really want this card!

2 weeks ago
What's ironic about the Radeon 7 being discontinued after 6 months. is that with the memory it has it probably won't be impractical for 8 years

3 weeks ago
I wish they would have delayed the launch and worked out the issues, I'm waiting for the bugs to be worked out before i buy the Radeon VII.

1 month ago

1 month ago
Now in 17.07.2019, There is no fix yet for Black Screen. Stay away from Radeon VII RIP.

1 month ago
Very fair review

2 months ago
AMD graphics cards are more lean looking the nvidia

2 months ago
i hope when new amd gpu s come,games might try favouring amd..
like old vega

2 months ago
The most amped review i heard for this card was from VOSK , pertaining to Mining Crypto

2 months ago
why no crossfire?? Is that so hard to do?

2 months ago
Add the two Temps and divide by two. That's the average temp.

2 months ago
Did he say 2080 and 2080 ti have the same
Performance ? Bruh lol

2 months ago
Lol why do ppl HATE fan noise!? I have 23 fans in my tower with 2 pumps and 3 of those fans are 260cfm. I always put the fan to 80+% be4 I even start to game!

2 months ago
Should do an updated video with undervolt and overclocking!

2 months ago
let me see now, the 2080 and RVII are the same price one does SLI, the other for whatever stupid ass reason doe not do crossfire. the decision is easy. They want to compete with the 2080 without crossfire, dumb dumb dumb.

2 months ago
Interesting music, heh.

2 months ago
I hope you guys will do a comparison between Radeon VII and Navi once Navi is released.

2 months ago
All I see is that upgrading from my 980TI is still not worth it.

2 months ago
Okay now why would you buy the Radeon selling the navi is coming out

2 months ago
Loved the video, specially the ending xD

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