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There are gonna be some BIG changes around here...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


Check out Displate's metal posters at

Monitor and manage your PC in real-time with Pulseway! Create your free account today at

We're FINALLY getting a real workshop space... and oh man, it's gonna be SICK.

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Linus Tech Tips posters at
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Check out all the gear we unboxed at

5 hours ago
you have a massive compressor but bought no air tools

1 day ago
I am glad the guy in the hat understands what the value of those items. The other guy seems to be confused as hell. The questioning of the price of the Bridgeport definitely indicates a need for some further education.

2 days ago
do a van conversion like all the rest of the people in BC do :)

2 days ago
hahaha finesse 😂

3 days ago
As a 19 year old working a minimum wage job running on a Dell i5 7577, I'm really glad he hit me with that Pulseway sponsor so I could store all my data.

3 days ago
Linus needs a Machinist now to work on these.

3 days ago
Ez-track that shit on your new Bridgeport

3 days ago
Nice Bridgeport

3 days ago
dang nabit I hate you! give me all of that lol

4 days ago
Linus and Alex open storage cabinets: The Movie

4 days ago
i want to work in that shop :)

5 days ago
Your Workshop is now better then the one in my school where students should learn how to work in one like you have it. Kind of funny... 😂

5 days ago
Alex: “this is a very sensitive high precision piece of equipment”

Linus: “okay you be careful with it”

Me: “yes Linus, I’m sure he knows...”

5 days ago
Geez you guys have bigger budget then most commercial building properties...

5 days ago
So I can work with Alex I'm a plumber who is mechanically inclined who grew up in the country doing Similar things to what Alex did with his buggys if that counts for anything and I'm fairly good at building a computer. I'd happily give you a legitimate resume. Just thought it was worth a shot.

5 days ago
Well, I'm jelaous.....

5 days ago
He has to build a small Awesome IT city to live up to the $$ Linus was talked into spending.

5 days ago
My God, the revenue that this channel must be bringing in.

6 days ago
well someone is going to die now...

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