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Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE - HOLY $H!T
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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We tour LIGO Hanford's gravitational waves observatory!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

15 hours ago
Yaaaay, LEGO is cool even in science! (pun intended)

1 day ago
So heating this up for a month at 170c didn't change the climate?

2 days ago
That was mind blowing! how are there 1.5k dislikes? what do you people WANT!?

2 days ago
Пожалуй подпишусь)

3 days ago
Science is awesome!

3 days ago
Me and the boys detecting gravity waves at LIGO

3 days ago
does this run Crysis Laser Edition though

7 days ago
Linus Science Tips but actually good!!

7 days ago
I would love to be able to visit those observatories.

1 week ago
Umm 🤔 ... Holy Cr@p!

‘If you’re a member of the flat earth society, you know what to do’ .. 🤣

1 week ago
Whoa!! billions of dollars spent just to prove what some old man told some time ago? Humans!! how dumb you can be? It is still better than USA spending billions of dollars to kill people in middle east. Still, those money could have been better used.

1 week ago
Linus Science Tips

1 week ago
I love this!

1 week ago
8:04 hol up... is that an apple in a caltech/mit project??

1 week ago
But can it run Minecraft?

1 week ago
So 100 gamers one machine I guess?!

1 week ago
ok when do they run crisis ?

2 weeks ago
This is by far the coolest video done yet. More physics please!

BTW, so the earth isn't flat?

2 weeks ago
3:39 I'm detecting Debian

2 weeks ago
but wait... there's more

they built 2!!!

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