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These Servers are TOO EXPENSIVE - Hybrid Storage Explored
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 months ago
The Apple fusion drive bit is a gag I should've probably presented better as a joke, lol. Basically, a Fusion Drive was Apple's take on the technology and I just thought sliding that in there would be comical. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that. Sorry for the confusion. :P


8 hours ago
Or just switch to 144p

3 weeks ago
Have you looked into a large capacity SDD option like the Viking Solo. It may be a good solution for your issue.

Edit: also if you haven’t already done a video on it, it’s a cools thing!

4 weeks ago
Why not sit at your desk and play with the server? Surely you can RDP to it.

1 month ago
I would like to see you build the most balls to the wall storage server later this year when Rome comes out. I'm thinking dual Epyc Rome Processors to get >128 lanes of PCI-E 4.0 and then load up Every PCI-E slot with x16 cards to hold 4x 2tb PCI-E 4.0 SSD's.

1 month ago
What ever happened to SSHD's

1 month ago
10:05 me everytime someone ask me about my job

2 months ago
Your tiering me apart

2 months ago
I love watching when Windows user try to use the BEST shell that is available to them ;). Of course the extensive documentation provides only "getting started" and "saples" section :D.

3 months ago
I want to know what makes u clicking yr waste ?🤔

3 months ago
Living the dream and still trying to cheap out?
You disgust me you selfish little man 🤮🤑🙅🏼‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

3 months ago
is it bad that I use Linus's videos as background noise after I watch them all the first time? XD

3 months ago
I somehow do not understand, judging by the documentation and articles ZFS fully supports the desired approach. There are ARC on RAM and L2ARC based on SSD. There is no special division into large and small files.

3 months ago
Linus when I install windows 10 it creates 4 partitions! Iz that normal Linus? 4 partitions for windows 10? Then they did an update a couple days ago that totally ruined my computer! Disabled everything and removed all my settings! I went and did a virus scan and nothing. Then I tried to reinstall my sound drivers and that did not work! I lost everything! F Microsoft!

4 months ago
The PowerShell struggle was so hilarious... that's basically me everyday at work

4 months ago
Primo Cache has a server solution.

4 months ago
IDK if that is even part of the problem. but couldn't you have two separate sets of your footage? One in low-res highly compressed mp4 on a fast server and the original 8k footage on a secondary. So that when an Editor is looking for one specific scene they can search for it in the compressed files and only extract the larger 8k material of that short specific part. That way they don't sift through large 8k footage just when looking for the right scene.

4 months ago
Does Linus Media Group advise on how to choose/build a server for small business? I need expert help! Is this a service I could pay for?

4 months ago
starving kids in africa could be eating those hard drives

4 months ago
"Pretend to edit something. Pretend to do your job" -Linus

I feel your pain.

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