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Max Builds her FIRST PC – Photo Editing Build Log
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 year ago


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Max has learned from the best, and now it's time to put her PC building skills to the test...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
Obvious alien. Dead give away was complete lack of familiarity with the fist bump. Cute, but compromised...

13 hours ago
“This means our content is working” 2 seconds later “I have no idea what I’m doing”

13 hours ago
Max is such a cutie, for real... ^_^

13 hours ago
Good thing it was an SSD she dropped and not an HDD. - Let's be honest; It barely matters what you do with an SSD. Actually using it the proper way damages it more than dropping it, stomping it, drowning it, etc.

13 hours ago
Linus when trying to impress a girl. > 4:10

Actually makes her cry... > 4:20

16 hours ago
I have Watched too many computers get build....... totally me😂😂😂

18 hours ago
What kind of case is that it looks sick!!

4 days ago

4 days ago
Why did max even quit?

4 days ago
Heh, the intro said Max Settings Only

4 days ago
Awkward trailer hitch fist bump for the win!!!! 🤜✋

4 days ago
why does my speaker sound like a WATERSTEAM when i turn audio up to high any ideas

4 days ago
Well I'm now happy to know what she does. Tada I got sweet fingers wanta see?

6 days ago
Not to be personal but is she ur wife

6 days ago

6 days ago
7:50 jeez i can feel linus’ pain through the screen

1 week ago
she is cute I,d tap that …… too the MAX

1 week ago
TBH I miss Max...

1 week ago
that hair makes me want to kill her. thats the hair of 1 of those cancerous feminists.

1 week ago
Well looky here, a Tumblr feminist needs a man to help her build a PC.

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