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How NOT to unbox AMD Threadripper - It was an accident... I swear
  Published: 2 years ago


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How NOT to unbox AMD Threadripper - It was an accident... I swear | JayzTwoCents

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Comments Directly on YouTube

22 hours ago
Please don't destroy your vanity CPU like Linus did, i love LTT but that was so disrespectful what he did. I wonder if they sent you a lower number ill have to back back and see what hiss was lol

1 day ago
Why was he boycotting thermaltake?

5 days ago
6:07 He need some milk.

5 days ago
I dislike this video for dropping this expensive stuff, which hurts me and my Toaster eithout a graficcards. On which i am playing lol on lowest graphics with laggs.

1 week ago
Love your videos!

1 week ago
Surfacing nvidia style brick

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
by the way , wtf amd do broooo???

2 weeks ago
I don.t know...sound crazy, maby,but the pc.s whit so much rgb lights look a litle bit chrymas three! :)))

3 weeks ago
you are so much clumsier than Linus

3 weeks ago
stop touching the heat spreader on the CPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 weeks ago
I cringed so hard when you chucked the PSU and the watercooler

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
You are giving me verge flashbacks with the installation bracket

3 weeks ago
Putting that CPU pin side down exposed on the dirty table surface, also likely held it pin side down in the palm of his hand, makes me wonder how channels like these get any of their PCs working properly without endless troubleshooting to eventually learn the hard way that they really need to take care of how they handle expensive sensitive components. Wouldn't be surprised if they just returned it saying it doesn't work like lots of others who don't handle components properly whilst installing, learning nothing due to hubris.

4 weeks ago
jayz you look like my art teacher

4 weeks ago
What exactly is a threadripper? is it just a more powerful CPU?

1 month ago

1 month ago
The 5 drink minimum unboxing

1 month ago
Would of been hilarious if he touched that spring and the threadripper flung out and smacked him in the face lol.

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