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Why Ghostbusters 2016 Flopped
   Georg Rockall-Schmidt
  Published: 3 years ago


Ghostbusters 2016 was a flop. Here's why.

I wanted to talk about the Ghostbusters reboot when it came out, but everyone was talking about it and there was some much vitriol I kind of thought I’d save it. The reboot, which I’ll refer to here as Ghostbusters 2016, is a failure, and I’m talking in terms of box office. It took about a hundred and forty four million dollars to make, it made as of the end of November 2016, according to Box Office Mojo, just over two hundred and twenty nine million, but with marketing and everything like that Sony needed it to bring in three hundred million to break even, and about half a billion to be considered a success.

So according to those figures, the movie lost about 70 million dollars. That’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger for every single resident of Thailand. Now Sony’s spokespeople whenever they’re asked about this, seem to say something like, it’s nowhere near that much, with the merchandise, the boost to the series as a whole, it’s more like fifty million or twenty five million. Well twenty five million may be true, but that’s because Village Roadshow has to take a big bite of that shit sandwich too, having helped to finance the film.

I’m going to give you my reasons why I think the movie bombed, but first let me tell you where I’m coming from. I try not to review movies on this channel, I’m more interested in and trying to direct things towards me talking about why things in films work or don’t work, or my opinions on directoral decisions, or looking at the business, or the backstories behind movies. I dislike enough cherished movies, and like enough disliked ones to know me just saying it was crap, doesn’t really mean that much. But what I would say is I like the original Ghostbusters a lot, I like the laid back but still pacey style, I like its humour, I think its witty and I think its well made, but I’m not a super fan. It’s not my favourite movie. Ghostbusters 2016, I don’t hate. I don’t think it’s the worst film ever. I think it’s quite saggy, but it’s not terrible. When I heard about it and watched the trailer, I didn’t have a gut wrenching reaction to it. I simply rolled my eyes, as I do with every reboot or dignity-defying sequel....

Any of you guys think there'll be a sequel? I heard they're going to 'branch out' into animations, which I think really means roll back investment.
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2 years ago
Hey all.

A lot of you guys argue here that the film was very disrespectful, and there are very valid points for thinking that - I'd probably argue all reboots are a little bit just by their nature. The reason I don't think GB 2016 is wholly disrespectful to the franchise is because, in my opinion, it sought to be it's own thing and not overwrite the original two and it tried to put in respectful nods to those movies. Did it do it well? No. Did it mishandle the backlash? Yes.

I know a lot of OG fans thought it was disrespectful, which I can understand - if that's your opinion I'm not trying to convince you otherwise with this comment, I'm just making mine clear. But if you've got fans thinking your reboot craps on the original, well you've failed at marketing.

4 days ago
It was never about the cast. It was always about the writing, or more to the point, the lack of writing. They relied too much on improv. The original is very carefully written. The jokes flow together naturally because they're written that way, not because it put Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis on a set and told them to just say funny stuff until they got what they needed. From what I've heard, that's how a lot of scenes in the reboot were shot.

1 week ago
I'm unsure Ghostbusters could have played in China . The Import authority doesn't like ghosts , something to do with their proscription against "promoting superstition " .

1 week ago
The 'Ghostbusters reboot 2016'
Blew chunks and never understood why Melissa
McCarthy is such a big comedy
star when she makes this kind of
big budget piece of shit.The mistake was making it all...

2 weeks ago
I think it's because women just aren't funny. At all. Ever. It's ok though, there's no reason for a baby incubator to be funny.

2 weeks ago
P.S. I have an idea for an online opinion poll: Which fans are more repressed, regressed, and obsessed with shit that they really should view a bit more objectively: "Ghostbusters" freaks or "Star Wars" geeks? I vote S.W. Geeks. Those people just won't let go of the past, will they? Just like Republicans. "Ghostbusters" fans are fucked up over missed opportunities. Just like Democrats.

2 weeks ago
I agree, the remake didn't suck. The original was special, and the right combination of circumstances/people/ideas coming together. The reboot was kind of thrown together, and went in the opposite direction, creatively, than the first one. The first GBs started as a solid story, with interesting ideas, plus, good, solid professionals throwing in at the same time. The remake had a bare minimum story, bare minimum script, not a lot of ideas, and a bunch of good, solid professionals got to run around and improv the hell out of the story, while half-assed production, direction, and WRITING pretty much sealed the deal on the film not measuring up to the expectations raised by the first two films. "Okay" just doesn't cut it when you are following the path of a ground-breaking work of comedic cinema. B.T.W. remember when "Ghostbusters 2" was released, it barely broke even at the box office, everyone thought that movie was ASS. Now, a bunch of sexist, emotionally and intellectually regressed internet shitheaps with HUGE issues towards women believes "GBs2" is the freaking Virgin Mary.

2 weeks ago
China didn't play it because they don't allow realistic ghosts in film there

2 weeks ago
I’m the words of Clarence Boddicker....Leave Bitchs......Bitchs being the cast of that god awful remake

2 weeks ago
I owned a lava lamp in the early 90's

2 weeks ago
Georg Rockwall-Schmidt...will Thunder Rush be a flop in 2020...??

3 weeks ago
Some great points here Georg, especially the idea of a documentary. You're right, the gap in generations and it's popularity with us 40yr olds is a big factor.
The women aren't a problem for me, it was purely the writing of those characters, the direction and the story itself. Too many cooks.

3 weeks ago
Just curious, why do some people hate the Ghostbusters reboot so much? I like it

4 weeks ago
This guy gives all the charm of a power-point presentation.
And yet I'm compelled to watch his different channels.
He really does a deep dive, and the conversationalist tone makes it easy to deconstruct these movies.

4 weeks ago
Dude how can you call this movie non feminist every man in the movie was either an idiot or an asshole meanwhile the woman were the only ones who acted like real people it has a clear anti male message and that why the movie failed because ghostbusters fans are primarily males and the fact that it's hot garbage certainly didn't help it

4 weeks ago
the writers of the new Bond 25 should watch this video

1 month ago
They should remake Steel Magnolias with an all male cast and see how they like it.

1 month ago
I wish more human beings on YouTube were like Mr. Rockall-Schmidt

1 month ago
Anybody who thinks this movie is anything other than a masterpiece that was onlu made possible necause of fpur incredibly brave and talented women is a complete sexist monster. You either love this movie or hate women

1 month ago
I thought the reboot was extremely disrespectful. They decide to reboot a movie right after Harold Ramis dies? All those fucking years to get a movie going and they wait till he’s dead to start? His body wasn’t even cold yet when they green lit this garbage. That’s why I was so angry. Many of us thought ghostbusters died with him but no.

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