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Julian Newman & Mikey Williams STAR In The OVERTIME MOVIE! Can Jaden Newman Play Against The BEST?
  Published: 2 months ago


Takeover DUNK SHOW ►►
Takeover QUEEN of the Court ►►
Takeover KING of the Court ►►

The Takeover MOVIE is here. Y'all know we had the most insane event in Brooklyn where we brought in your favorite players to go at it. Well this is what went DOWN.

We had Mikey Williams, Julian Newman, Kyree Walker, Zaire Wade, Jaden Newman, Zia Cooke and so many more pull up to go head to head in an ALL TIME BATTLE.

We got you with Queen of the Court, King of the Court, an insane DUNK SHOW and wild 3-3 battle. Every player showed up and SHOWED OUT.

This is the coolest thing we've done so shoutout to all the players and shoutout to y'all. Get ready for THE TAKEOVER.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
Where should we have the next TAKEOVER!?

24 hours ago
Get some shoes

1 day ago
Jaden Newman is horrible at basketball.

So is Julian but you already knew that.

5 days ago
the reason i think Women's basketball is underrated is cause guys actually focus on their opponents and stuff and girls are busy throwing shade towards guys just cause guys are better and im a girl just to let ya'all know

6 days ago
ngl all these girls saying the girls have to work harder and have more hustle then boys... made me mad confused

1 week ago
the music in the intro is the mine craft music 😅

2 weeks ago
Where bronny

2 weeks ago
Girl: Boys only muscle their way to the basket

Kyrie: That statement is inactive and will not be accepted

2 weeks ago
You're the best

2 weeks ago
isn't jay 2023

2 weeks ago
Who are the girls in the beginning I need their @

3 weeks ago
The most underrated player that was actually good was malachi

3 weeks ago
maneee they should've invited my girl Jaden Owens

3 weeks ago
9:12 He pulled a Zach LaVine LMAOOOOO

3 weeks ago
Julian and melo duck gings

3 weeks ago
me and zaire had the same reaction after that last dunk😂

3 weeks ago
Lmao im Srry but all the guys was like 5 feet taller then the kids and then u see julian lookin like a kid🤣🤣no shade but I found it funny

3 weeks ago
9:05 song title?

3 weeks ago
4:14 what her name?

3 weeks ago
Instead of doing takeover you should do an Overtime vs Ballislife all star game with the Overtime all stars vs the Ballislife all stars

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