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The Story Of Khalid Ibn Walid ~ Mufti Ismail Menk ~ Ramadan 2014
   Zulfiqaar Media
  Published: 5 years ago


May Allah multiply the rewards of SoukIslam & TvSunnah Ameen

Stories Of The Sahaba:

The Story Of Abu Bakr As Siddique:

The Story Of Umar Ibn Khattab:

The Story Of Uthman Ibn Affan:

The Story Of Ali Ibn Ali Talib:

The Story Of Khalid Ibn Walid:

The Story Of Saeed Ibn Zaid
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 weeks ago
please i have a question

did Khalid bin Walid accept islam before Umar bin Khattab?

2 months ago
islam is truly the greatest religion on the world and this is the proof of it. may our european brothers realize that they are following a wrong religion and that they are in the wrong path, May allah guide them to the true path of islam.

2 months ago
Greatest conqueror world has ever seen. He fought almost 100 battles, & never lost anyone. My inspiration, my hero khalid bin waleed. The sword of Allah

3 months ago
Abobakar Sideq .Umar ibn khatab.Usman Ghani rd .
mawla Ali ibn Abe Talib. Khalid ibn walid.Zubair rd. Abo Obaida.

3 months ago
Khalid ibn Waleed ❤️❤️❤️

Sword of Allah
RadiyaAllah Anhu

4 months ago
اللہ پاک اپنی حفاظت میں رکھے

4 months ago

4 months ago
We have a similar example today of a muslim warrior dying a natural death (while standing against whole world), this proves that only Allah and Allah alone controls life and death, no matter how superior the enemies of Allah portray themselves they still have no power.

4 months ago
Amen yaa Allaha

4 months ago
1.Subhan Allah
2. Alhamdulillah
3.Allah u Akbar
4.jazaak Allah

4 months ago
May ALLAH bless and protect us.

4 months ago
Manshallah ya sheick mufti menk

4 months ago
13:50 tears of joy burst out of me. Oh Allah never let go of us!!!

4 months ago
So all you muslims out there, whether you're Shia or Sunni or what not, this does get the message through. It grows understanding on the grounds of ignorance.

You should be proud of yourselves.

4 months ago
As a christian, seeing our "christian" structures somewhat decimated on a moral-levels and thus waking hatred towards the "system" , seeing this particular speecher does kind of awaken empathy.

It really does. That's what prophets are supposed to do. Awaken compassion. Undertsanding and all that jazz.

Kind of awakens respect. That's how enemies are won.

4 months ago
Glory be to Allah, Thanks be to Him, Allah is great. I am so pleased with Allah as my Lord, Islam as my religion, and Muhammad( PBUH) as my prophet. Allhamdulillah.

5 months ago
thanks for share this with us

5 months ago
Salam ya khalid Ibn walid.
Your achievements in Islam are great and inforce our fate.

5 months ago
Mash Allah. Mufti Menk is the man...

5 months ago
Jazaka ALLAH koulou kheir mon frere

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