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This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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When 8th gen Intel Core launched, the need for a new chipset was in doubt from the outset. ONDA certainly doubted it... But did they stop to ask if they should?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
what is intels excuse now

10 hours ago
Eiiiiiii hooooo.....

20 hours ago
The Chinese flag is upside-down

1 day ago
Chinese always impress us

2 days ago

2 days ago
Technically its a motherboard fault, cuz if intel actually made them support a certain chipset, a mother board bios updste should make them work right away

2 days ago

2 days ago
Linus' look of old man disappointment at 13:44 is so funny.

3 days ago
im pretty happy with my 7700k and ddr3 :P

4 days ago
Dear Linus. Its all about the money of course their gonna lie to you

5 days ago
Oh My goodness, you touch everything. Haaaa, I'm scared to death just handling my hardware. Have you ever destroyed hardware by handling it this way?

6 days ago
Why not use that motherboard and the laptop ram adapters. And some other stuff to make a working pc.

7 days ago
It's not being a Chinese motherboard, it is the specs. DDR3 as long as the same Gbs, is ok. it is not only the processor, the chip sets and cache, and the video card... it should work because some motherboard supports backward support. i have a DDR2 4GB only with a NIVIDIA it works fine. InTEL did not lie, there are trade secrets in every motherboard. I have that board is ok. two years already working fine. no racist comments please.

7 days ago
Did linus shoot this video in the kitchen?

1 week ago
I wanna do a project and buy all my parts from aliexpress and build something decent for a good price

1 week ago
Why was he so upset at the 50 dollar pricetag?

1 week ago
Finally Linus say cool to a Chinese board ....finally

1 week ago
Windows 10 completely borked the search function at the start menu. It always shoves some damn Bing/internet/Windows store crap over stuff I actually have installed and want to use. It is so frustrating.

1 week ago
This ONDA H310 is basically a modified H110 but named H310, and now ONDA got officially 9th gen supported BIOS with this "H310".
Also, this motherboard is Win7 originally supported. If you got a storage driver with Win7 installed, just download a USB driver on ONDA's homepage, search "USB" at upper right corner.

Truly unbelievable, but again, shows Intel DID lie about it.

And about the price part, some CPUs and DDR3 server retired 4bit ECC memories are cheap as sh*t.
This motherboard could be bought with 40$, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 memories for 10$ each, I3-9100F for 70$ in Taobao.
With a RX580 4GB for 75$ and PSU for 30$, You could build a gaming PC running DOTA2 CSGO PUBG and such with definitely NO PRESSURE in 250$ budget.

Imagine this, it's 2019 and you are using 9th gen CPU with DDR3 memory, nvme ssd, and, works perfectly on Win7 system using around 200 bucks.
How romantic.
God damn it I love Chinese eletronic rubbish market.

1 week ago
Your all 100% retarded! 99.9% of all motherboards and graphic cards are made in China or some Fish Head country.

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