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  Published: 1 week ago


Roblox Murder Mystery 2 - Today my boyfriend and I are playing Murder Mystery 2! Can my boyfriend save me, can my boyfriend get revenge on the murderer!? Who will be the best murder in murder mystery 2!
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● Murder Mystery 2

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
Was I the only one that hated that that girl with yellow hair followed her all around might just be me..😂

20 hours ago
When u had gun when u shoot the wrong person u and the person will die love u btw

22 hours ago
Rickys face in the thumnail

1 day ago
Say u got killed bc u shot a innocent

1 day ago
Zai no one killed u it’s just that if u shoot the wrong person u die just so u know for the next time u play ;)

2 days ago
You better sing Zai

2 days ago
Can plz give me a shout out please

3 days ago

3 days ago
MM2 is coming back!!!

4 days ago
I made a video showing how to get coins the fastest and easiest way on my channel for mm2 check it out please it will mean a whole lot to me :)

4 days ago
The po po po oh no

4 days ago
Someone is men in a game and tey are men like so men

4 days ago
Hi Im a noob no one likes me😭

4 days ago
Hi zai i love your vids

4 days ago
1:woke up
2:saw your video first
3:you were live and notice me
4:To bad it’s 231


4 days ago
Zia shout the wrong person nobody killed her

4 days ago
errr that in the back ground was say things which is bit weird check 2:01 and 1:59

4 days ago
Zai: I'm A Strong Independent Woman Cause I Am The Sheriff In Town!
- Murderer Kills Zai -
Ricky: Kills The Murderer!
Who's The Better Sheriff?

4 days ago
I love playing murder mystery like u guys🛍💛🤪ohh and when u were Sheffie u died bc I pretty sure u clicked on the wrong person and when u click on the person that isn’t murder both ppl die so yes I hope this kinda helps 🥰🐶

5 days ago

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