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What is this GPU?!? Counterfeit Video Card
  Published: 1 year ago


A viewers gave me a couple GPUs that weren't working to investigate the issue... turns out the card isnt even real...

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What is this GPU?!? Counterfeit Video Card | JayzTwoCents

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 days ago
Seems a whole lot of trouble for a scam. Creating a functional (even poorly) board. The infrastructure requires ability to manufacture PCB , get various chips, .. etc.. is kind of extensive.

6 days ago
lets be real, "craig" didnt want anyone to know he was dumb enough to buy knock off graphics cards.

6 days ago
It sounds a lot like what Nvidia use to do with OEM GPUs an example would be the GTX 260 OEM that had 2GB "1792 MB of DDR3 with a 448-bit memory interface. I believe these custom OEM GPUs existed up until GTX 600 or GTX 700 series

1 week ago
I have a Knockoff Nvidia Card from 2014 that GPY z could not identify lol. Near as I can tell it is a GT 440 re-branded as a GTX 550

1 week ago
That fire extinguisher got me LOL

2 weeks ago
Jayz tried to pull a "JerryRigEverything" move there in the end.

2 weeks ago
I just paused this at 5:25 when he said as soon as it identifies an Nvidia driver it goes to black screen.

I’m wondering if maybe this is Nvidias way of combating counterfeits.

If it’s not an authentic Nvidia card maybe Nvidia purposely shuts it down when it identifies it as a counterfeit.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
The end, that is when you bring out a Wile E Coyote sized hammer, and put it out of it's misery....

2 weeks ago
anyone wanna give me a gpu?

2 weeks ago
China GPU's with identity problems^^

2 weeks ago
Tried squezing 2 old cases together and it dosent work..any hints

2 weeks ago
11:53 no bios no nivida lmao

2 weeks ago
i hear some static noise when watching this video, did anyone else hear it?i have the arctis 5

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
A wise man said "God made the world, and the rest is made in china"

3 weeks ago
Jay making thumbnail “GT *smack head on keyboard” done

3 weeks ago
48 cuda cores
Thats so much
My gpu has like 1700
And thats like nothing
Dude can i have this gpu i cant wait to play minesweeper at 2 fps!!!!

3 weeks ago
I identify as a gamer so give me 2 rtx 2080ti's and a 9900k and its motherboard thank you

3 weeks ago
Its Corey! Maybe.

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