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Finding Peace In Pain - Nouman Ali Khan *LIFE CHANGING LECTURE*
   Digital Ummah
  Published: 1 year ago


Finding peace in pain lecture by Nouman Ali Khan. Show more

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4 months ago
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1 week ago
May Allah bless you you really know what the youth are going Through nowadays and you exactly know what is happening in the minds of the youth it’s like you had similar experience with them I am really thankful that I saw this video it really helped me out .thank you God for this video I will forever be grateful.

3 weeks ago
As salaam alaikumu.....thanks so much for the reminder really need to hear this ❤

3 weeks ago
Amazing video ... amazing words that actually heal ur mind

3 weeks ago
I was living a luxury life, wallah peace is in Islam only, my change in life started at ibn katheer, I was in tears when i started studying the Holy Quran, finally my hear is at peace now. Thank you my Lord.

3 weeks ago
* I love this video, so touching!

4 weeks ago
Nouman Ali khan

4 weeks ago
Love love and love Ustaad jan

1 month ago
Please make du'a that Allah answers my du'a 😞 I will not give up. Even if it hurts.

1 month ago
Alhamdulillah, amazingly insightful...

1 month ago
Asalamu Alequm son.
I listen to most of uour lectures dont know about others but it helps me alot and i post them to all my family and friends hoping it changes their life too.
May Allah swt bless all your efforts and give you more enlighment and persuation to keep going sadqa e jaariya.hope fully we will change In Shaa Allah.
We love you Alot son.May Allah bless you sith a long and healthy life.I hope you see this msg.😍😚

1 month ago
Masha Allah very beautiful lecture. thank you Mr Nouman Ali khan. but before thanking you i would thank Allah(SWT) . Allah has showed me this video at a very good point or else i have done a very bad sin. sukar Alhamdulillah. THANK YOU ALLAH. LOVE YOU ALLAH.

1 month ago
Sometime I see my friend life and compare it to me, most of my friend are getting married, raising their beautiful child, have a permanent job, give money to their parents. While me still struggling to achieve what they have now. Failed on many job interview. Until I start to complain to Allah, why why??? I pray, I pray keep pray but still nothing. I start to recite Quran, but still feeling empty. I never get what I want. Then I realize, I have more than enough now, parent, lovely sister and brother, and good friends. I just need to be sincere in doing worship. Allah plan my life beautifully. I believe on that. InshaaAllah. Subscribe my acc pls.

1 month ago
May Allah grant you Jannah good sir..
Great speech

1 month ago
Amazingly explained Subhanallah..May Allah rewards you the most beautiful home in the Ferdaws.. Ameen

1 month ago
I love this sheikh may Allah bless him

1 month ago
Dear brother Nouman..;
I just ask about one subject and it means a life or death for all involved..
Can you please bring the rightest tafseer about the state of the earth and the sun and the moon..Which one is stationary which one is in an orbit and revolving and around what..???
You are my last resort for Ihave consulted so many so called reliable people and sources and they all are backing up the zionist perception which is still currently being taught in the education
If you are really who you show you are you will not be influenced by the hoodwinkers and interpret those Ayahs in their true meanings..

2 months ago
my friend is a Muslim but she is suffering lot of problems in her life she was sufferd by fits severely she was 26 and she refused to marry some guys she needs to be happy you know yesterday she was crying at me anf probably iam hindhu people and i dont know he god really exist or not be if he is from now this one last time i pary to him WHOEVER LISTENING JUST DO SOMETHING TO KEEP MY FRIEND HAPPY SHE NEEDS YOU EVEN TAKE ME TAKE MY EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IAM READY TO SACRIFICE BUT MAKE HER HAPPY she is in lot of pain plz help her plz someone do praying kind of stuff or duo whatever it is just do that i beg behalf of everyone who seeing the comments plz help her

2 months ago
Allah ho Akbar

2 months ago
May Allah bless him. There so many thing I've learned by watching his videos. Thanks very much Nouman Ali Khan. All the ummah love you

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