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  Published: 1 month ago


Roblox - I am back with Bloxburg Family in Roblox! Today I am spying on my kids in public! I cant believe my daughter, I caught her and exposed her! Should I go spying for 24 hours again?!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Wow...I didnt expect to see this when spying on my kids!!
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8 hours ago
3:09 ............

18 hours ago
spank her real hard with a bellt

2 days ago
If this is blue u love Zaire

3 days ago
Oh my goodness why is she a bully?

3 days ago
Ellie is poor she got adopted in a shelter Ellie u just BAD BAD BAD BAD ELLIE STOP BULLYING

3 days ago
Omg your the best every when I’m down you make my day

3 days ago
Ellie:mom wont know u:😨bully me:spanks ellie

4 days ago

4 days ago
Punish Ellie!!

4 days ago
Here’s a conspiracy theory they switched body’s

4 days ago
That hurt...I have braces to....oof 😆

5 days ago

5 days ago
Why did u just go to Ellie and let here go home and stop bulling not just spy like if u agree

5 days ago
JUST go in

5 days ago
Omg she mean I have braces 😭😭

6 days ago
I think Abigail is up with this

6 days ago
what the hech elie was aliottle angel and now baby biggs is behavening

7 days ago
Baby biggs is nice a bit but mean alot

1 week ago
Zai I made a account called EllieRoseMom can u accept the request I could do a role play please but I need robux to do it in bloxburg but Ima use it for when u want me to but can u give me 25 robux to join bloxburg if u say yes please

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