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we built until the server crashed..
  Published: 6 months ago



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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 hours ago
My iPad crashed just watching this dumb ####

1 day ago
Good vid

2 days ago
wheres madden BRUV

2 days ago
send lazerbeam knives

2 days ago
epic regrets giving lazarbeam custom servers

3 days ago
Remember to use code: Lazar
Lets give Lazarbeam the bread!

3 days ago
F you YouTube

3 days ago
I like dumb sh*t

3 days ago
you think supreme is bad? look up enes batur. its german for trends.
heute means today
hallo means hello
enes batur means virus

dont forget to yeet

4 days ago
This is like World Cup and there connection is good there’s like 1000000000 people in World Cup or more

4 days ago
0:15 😶BRUH

4 days ago
0:15 BRUH

4 days ago
Try and see what Will happen if All die in the same time from the storm

4 days ago
Lazarbeam is the best

5 days ago
Joogie sounds like Alia

6 days ago
Who’s watching in season x

Like if you are

6 days ago
1 like to this comment = 1 person preventing Landon to get demonetised

6 days ago
Nice family friendly contact

6 days ago
Who’s watching in season X

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