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Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech N9ne
  Published: 7 months ago


My first world tour! Tickets:

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Camera work: Ben Proulx
Prod. Nox Beatz


[email protected]
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 minutes ago
How hard can you come out in my RV?
Tech N9ne: Hold my Beer
Token: Exactly

5 hours ago

10 hours ago
Tech N9ne twerking

20 hours ago
dwaaammmmmn no more violence

20 hours ago
Fking faild its stupid

2 days ago
imagine a collab between token and eminem

2 days ago
Anyone else realises he subliminaly dissed MGK "why they gotta choose me to hoop to mathers"

2 days ago
Want stupid fuck didn't like this 🙄

3 days ago
This song hype u up like u just had 30 monsters

3 days ago
These mf was having a normal convo and said fuck it lets rap this shit and guess wat this shit be slappin

3 days ago
THIS song remind me 8 years old LOOK AT ME NOW ,,(chris brown and busta rhymes)

4 days ago
Tech nine is like the Dr Sues of rap...

And he's kinda overrated. Not hating. I like the guy, I wish him the best, and I admire the way he did it independently and made himself into the mogul he is today. He tapped into that ICP market along with making many new fans of his own. Its like all of ICP's fans gave up on them and set up shop in his corner though. He's got a loyal fan base, who say he's the best rapper ever. His ability is kinda sus though. He has his own unique style which I respect but can he rap without making up words or using words that nobody but this small group knows about. Every verse he spits, you gotta look at the lyrics to fully understand, and then you're like what's this word, what's that word. Sometimes they're literally just words he's made up. And then other times the lines dont even make sense. His music isn't reality for me and he DEFINITELY isn't the best rapper ever like I've heard so many say. I heard all about him, and he really didn't live up to that hype.

4 days ago
"i control the web like a computer hacker" that's just a literal. Not a metaphor.

4 days ago
tec n8ne is a rapist

4 days ago
I really almost went to see you in denver

4 days ago
Token is wack as fuck. Technine loses credibility for this one.

4 days ago
Tech's flow here.. omg 😍😍😍😍

4 days ago
Nobody :
Token:😘 my boy bought a pistol he might shoot it at you ☺️

4 days ago
12 Mily view go token go. I love this dude.

4 days ago
I literally listen to this song every single day. I know every single word lmao. I have to meet these two before I leave this earth forsure ! 😭😍

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