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$500 PC TEAM BATTLE - Scrapyard Wars Season 5 - Ep1
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 years ago


Thanks to FreshBooks and IFixit for sponsoring Scrapyard Wars!

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Linus and Luke team up against Paul & Kyle (Paul's Hardware & BitWit) to see who can build the best gaming rig for $500!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 years ago
I got more excited from the notification about this than i did being accept to my university.. Do i have a problem, i don't believe so.

24 hours ago
This show is so cringe

2 days ago
All that product placement was tiring. I almost stopped watching.

4 days ago

4 days ago
please do more scrapyard wars!

5 days ago
They spent at least $10000 to make a $500 out of used parts.

5 days ago
Why is Linus in the back seat? Bakersfield is at least 2 hours from LA - without traffic. Lol this is hilarious- total fish out of water!

5 days ago
Goodwill Computer works. Should have started there.

5 days ago
they all lame ass fuck

6 days ago
Linus you're a fucking douchebag. I would seriously give you a chinner, let you file a report, and pay the settlement.. just to hit you.

6 days ago
Linus you really need to stop yelling. You have a quarter million dollar YouTube setup. We can hear you just fine.

6 days ago
Didn't think to ask if the seller would ship the server overnight from San Francisco. I guarantee that would be a lot cheaper than flying & driving & chartering a plane. Question is is the cost of that shipping within the rules? It is transport/transportation.

1 week ago
You can buy a 500$ new pc and its good

1 week ago
37:47 Palo Alto networks?

1 week ago
In motherland Russia you no lock door door lock you

1 week ago
Rx 590 sapphire intel i5-9400f 60 dollar mother board 8gb 2400mhz 50 dollar power supply if you get good deals itll be under 500 dollars and run pubg high graphics 1080p

2 weeks ago
35:55 why didn't he just pay for the other case with his own money to help the guy out. He had already confirmed the price of the first one and if he hadn't been using it for the build it wouldn't have been cheating. Seems like a good chance to help an nice guy out.

2 weeks ago

I’ve listened ten times over and there is no way he said ‘absolutely’. I hear asshole and nothing else

2 weeks ago
I love that guy
"$10 for that one"
"how much was this one"
"Uhh $9, I want you guys to be happy"

2 weeks ago
rackmount rgb

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