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TERRIBLE $900 Party Trick – Jibo Review
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 years ago


Jibo... it was foretold to be so great, but in reality... Well, it's a Jibo. Let's get into exactly what that means.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
jibo: say sike right now

13 hours ago
Jibo’s staring at you in sadness

14 hours ago

1 day ago
Its so sad when i look at Jibo such a cute little thing specially when he looks at you like he wants to help truly hope that some big name company will buy off Jibo and help in the project

1 day ago
I'm very impressive how they've managed the pan and tilt with those slices but the display contrast is indeed an utterly tragic engineering decision.

The AI is weak too, no doubt

2 days ago
"Being a Jibo" should be a tech community euphemism for making great promises but not delivering on them.

4 days ago
I like it when u hit the funny

4 days ago
he's a pretty good first time implementation for a personal assistant with personality. he has so much more personality reminds me of wheatley though.

5 days ago
Trump 2020!

5 days ago
Did he really kist say Alexa like that

6 days ago
Jibo sucked i am glad he is dead

1 week ago
I would get him just because he looks so cute 🤭

1 week ago
so it's like one of those old brick phones that you can't use as a phone.

1 week ago
i could not stop laughing at the twerk part

2 weeks ago
On the off chance you didn't collect the $25,100 Canadian dollars from this ebay auction. I give you $100 (cdn) for it if you ship to Vancouver.

Item number:
Jibo Home Robot (Signed by Linus Tech Tips staff)
Jibo Home Robot (Signed by Linus Tech Tips staff)
Winning bid:
C $25,100.00

2 weeks ago
The bot is actually nice it just needs more programming

2 weeks ago
Amazon needs to buy this thing and fix all these stupid flaws...

2 weeks ago
@0:37 Cover you eyes CHILD! COVER YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago
Lg is or did make a similar or better version jibo

2 weeks ago
Awww ...Show Jibo some love and upgrade him Linus you could do it #RebootJibo

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