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THE GAME MASTER IS NOT REAL! GM FACE REVEAL to prove TRUTH about Hacker | Rebecca Zamolo
   Rebecca Zamolo
  Published: 4 weeks ago


Rebecca Zamolo sees the GAME MASTER face reveal and finds the truth about the Red Hood hacker and quadrant!

In today's video, Rebecca Zamolo and the Game Master Network see someone grab RZ Twin and place her into a mystery van. The best friends decide to follow the van in their tesla but it locks and they are trapped inside. Does this mean it might be another 24 hour challenge overnight? The tesla drives them to a mysterious location but Daniel realizes they have been there before. They explore the warehouse and it feels like someone is spying on them through the cardboard boxes. When they finally arrive to the white room the door closes and traps them inside. Suddenly, the Red Hood Hacker and Quadrant appear. It seems our guess about the RH Hacker being behind this master plan is right. The Game Master appears after being hidden and a battle royale is about to happen.The mystery men tell Rebecca that the Game Master is fake and that she signed up with their company GMI for an escape room in real life. The GMI asks the three best friends to sign the contract to make the gamemaster disappear forever. Rebecca hesitantly signs the GMI papers and drinks Starbucks with Matt and Daniel. The trio wakes up at their cabin to find a message on her laptop. It's a video of Rebecca from 2018 when they first bought their cabin telling her about the escape room in real life. Daniel doesn’t trust it so Matt and Rebecca decide to search the underground room in her closet to look for clues. What secret hidden GMI clues do you think Rebecca found? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

#gamemaster #facereveal #mystery

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Find Rebecca!

Game Master

Game Master Face Reveal
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 weeks ago
Can you believe this Game Master face reveal?! Who was the biggest surprise for you?

9 hours ago
There was a bar code on the person on the video

12 hours ago
At 2:49 there is a guy Rebecca!😱😨😱😱

13 hours ago
Why ded you dine it matt rebeka dainiol

13 hours ago
Somebody's in the background

14 hours ago
The Game Master Network will save RZ Twin

14 hours ago

16 hours ago
The star bucks has the truth juice

17 hours ago
The brown hair agent has a wig

18 hours ago
I saw someone in the boxes

18 hours ago
Go back we're you were a member is there

20 hours ago
I saw a secret agent

20 hours ago
If what they said where true wouldn't that make u the gamemaster

20 hours ago
That's not u its rz twin her eyes turned red at the end u where right

22 hours ago
Look l remember that rz twin said that whatever they said it is a big lie

22 hours ago
It was Rz twin

1 day ago
No Don't Do It😿🙀😭😩😟😣😢😞

1 day ago
The gmi is lying to you

1 day ago

1 day ago
Rebecca do you play roblox

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