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Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Crypto Mining Card...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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It’s a shame that so many of those dedicated mining GPUs are useless now, isn’t it? But even with no outputs, Chinese hackers made it so they can still game! Or have they…

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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 hours ago
how much did they really save removing the output ports on it? just a few bucks and it ended up making these cards worthless

15 hours ago
" we are not recommending you try at home". Yeah fucking right like I am gonna go to some sketchy website and buy some sketchy modded mining card and try this at home. Real smart of you to mention that, Linus. Thanks for the heads up.

That was sarcasm by the way.

15 hours ago
lmao 8:02 someone opens the door and immediately closes it.

18 hours ago
Thanks for being very clear on not recommended unsecure settings!

18 hours ago
Linus : hey nvidia can i game on this????
Nvidia : NO
Linus : Why
Nvidia : just dont
Linus : How bout i do anyway?

20 hours ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1 day ago
I have 2 P106-100 cards I use for Blender Cycles Rendering. A lot of bang for the buck.

2 days ago
By edit .inf file you can actually use the most recent driver for this p106

2 days ago

2 days ago
Ant man with the gpu hacks!

2 days ago
A mining GPU for 70usd? im grabbing all I can.

2 days ago
And now on to an actually important part. How do you disable updates in windows 10 without it going batshit crazy if you every try to re-enable them?

2 days ago
10:46 lol You two are so funny .I my self love to get up 3 am and look at programming code for corruption mmm ---

2 days ago
8:52 That and shrinking app to tab bar every thing i am working on from dragging one app to fare to edge ..

2 days ago
7:11 Ok -------OK =)

3 days ago
I SAID "How will you run that if it has no outputs" OUT LOUD AT 4:10
his response honestly scared me

3 days ago
GTX 1060 and P106-100 based on different chips: GP106-300(400,410) and GP-106-100.
GP-106-100 has no way to transmit formed image back via pci-e lines. And does not have a hardware video encoder capable of broadcasting video via other devises.
So this video is fake.

3 days ago
is it possible to use this video card for in home steam streaming because that qould be a really good way to make a gaming server for your home which can play most games over the network

3 days ago
8:50 "it's very rude" xD

3 days ago
Started video at 0.25x. I'm laughing right now!

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