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Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY WRONG! What Bendy's Ending REALLY Meant (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
   The Game Theorists
  Published: 6 months ago


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Today we are explaining what the ending of Bendy and the Ink Machine is all about...again. Stay with me! We've uncovered new evidence that suggests the ending is so much more than we initially thought. The whole TIMELINE has changed! We need to start at the very beginning to be able to unravel the twisted tale of Joey Drew Studios.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
so i just thought of this anyway matpat I hope you are looking my short theory time in the end of chapter 5 after joey is done talking to us and we are going to a pictures that henry signed we hear a little girl say tell me another one uncle joey what if joey is telling the whole thing and we are the little girl imagining it as her dads perspective

7 hours ago
Hey Matt (or someone else),what if Henry's missing file that says "Joey?" is him surprised to hear Joey's final line before the beast bendy battle?

10 hours ago
Sally Frank's is boris

10 hours ago
This theory is great and all but, a few questions...

1. If Alison Pendle and Thomas Connor didn't sacrifice themselves to Joey, how are Alison and Tom in the studios?

2. I have a mini theory here, what if Henry isn't dead? Okay, lemme explain, so what if Henry has been in the loop of going through Joey Drew Studios over and over again, and Joey told Henry's family and the press that he died just to get rid of the confusion? Because, if Henry did die, where is his body?

3. What if Henry never actually came in contact with Bendy? They always called him "The Ink Demon", but never that it's Bendy. Also, if Joey is The Ink Demon, once again NOT Bendy.

4. If Sammy Lawrence has a soul, then why does he drip away when attacked by The Ink Demon in chapter 2?

5. Once again with the last question about Sammy, If Boris is Wally Franks, why does he drip away when defeated in chapter 3?


14 hours ago
Revived by the machine... the real human corpse stays their soul just transfers so they die..... ever think he turned Henry into a ink Henry like a cartoon version? And just put his corpse at his desc and joey said he pushed to hard???.

Omg I had no idea what this theory was and this comment was made at the beggining

16 hours ago
no bendy does not have a soul it says in the book

18 hours ago
Does the “Classical” Theme remind anyone of DK Country

1 day ago
I have a feeling the one Norman in chapter 4 is a hallucination if you kill him in chapter 3

1 day ago
I like this intro better then any other intro

2 days ago
When it says on the news paper that artist found dead on desk, is that supposed artist Henry from FNAF?

2 days ago
Wandering is a terrible sin

2 days ago
(Subtitle of the F.U.N. song 🎵)
8:55 "U is for you and me!"

2 days ago
One problem with your theory. Sammy Lawrence’s body fades away too..

2 days ago
Rewatching this I was reminded of how in the original theory when Joey says “You should have pushed a little harder.” It bothered me how Joey’s voice became deeper almost like a threat... Anyone else pick up on it?

2 days ago
U is for ukulele, N is for anywhere anytime at all! Down here in the deep blue sea!

3 days ago
Another great video matpat

3 days ago
Who is linda matpat. WHO IS LINDA

3 days ago
That was the best video intro I've ever heard.

3 days ago
Nice jassy 1930s style theme

3 days ago
My theory: The Ink Machine was used by Joey Drew as is suspected - using the souls of his workers to perfect the ink creations. However, as is seen by Henry in Joey's home, the Ink Machine is no longer being used for the studio. It is covered by a dusty old blanket and looks like its days of use are over. But now that it is stuffed away in the back of Joey's home, does it really no longer have a use? No. Joey is using it as a storage unit for all of his secrets and failed attempts... and as a punishment. It is a box stuffed full of bad intentions, not regret.

Henry is reliving his life in the Ink Machine over and over because Joey tricked him there. When you look at the Piper lying in the corner with Henry's hidden words, "Did they deserve this?" He isn't reflecting on everyone stuck in machine, he is commenting on the Butcher Gang themselves. They were tortured. Taken apart, mangled, and thrown back together. The 'Liar' sign is proof. They were probably Studio workers who did something that ticked Joey off.

Joey was sending a message. Anyone who crossed him would end up like them or worse. Henry knows this and probably suspects that his own existence in the Ink Machine was also a form of punishment. The key quote, "there was never a choice."
.....Exactly...... Henry made a choice Joey didn't like. Because of this, Joey tricked him into the Ink Machine and took away his choices. Now, Henry is forced to try to save the Studio and friends he abandoned and, to some degree, he might have been able to save had he "pushed harder" and stayed behind to help them. But now, they can't be saved. Joey made sure of that.

I also wonder if the little girl's voice in the background of Joey's home is Henry's daughter. Joey obviously doesn't have a family. In fact, Joey bringing up Henry's family at all gives me the creeps. What business does Joey have talking about Henry's family? His whole dialog screams: "Threat!" Anyhow, as for Henry's daughter, I came up with this because of the drawings on the desk in Joey's home. As Henry has said before in secret ink, "Joey Drew Nothing." So why are there drawings in Joey's home? I don't think they are Henry's, so who....? Wonder if the daughter inherited Henry's talent? They are rough around the edges. Good - actually great - drawings, but still not as clean as some of the pictures we have seen Henry make. She also asks 'Uncle Joey' to tell her another story. Some of the pictures on the desk portray the Demon Bendy. Most likely, Joey is telling her stories and she draws them because she (innocently) enjoys them.

All I know is, Henry isn't living in the real world. Actually, we have have only glimpsed past moments of the real world. Who knows how long it has been since Henry actually paid a visit to Joey..

For all we know, old man Joey could have actually been successful!
Maybe he made the perfect mascots for a successful Bendy Land and threw people he didn't like into the ink machine to rot while he enjoyed the spoils of 'his' creations. (Bertrum would never see his dream land succeed, instead he would sit among the rubbish while Joey stole his glory.) And Joey would need someone to carry on Henry's legacy. (His daughter).

Honestly, I just kind of hope that Uncle Hoey never saw any success and died a miserable old man. But that would also mean that his house was sold and his belongings taken to a storage unit or a junkyard by people who have no idea what the Ink Machine is. In other words, the people within will never be free.

Also, let's face it. Evil people like Joey live forever. His 'beliefs' will cheat death.

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