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Making The Obsidian Lava VOLTAGE RING
   Patrick Adair Designs
  Published: 3 months ago


Today I make The Voltage Ring. Back us on Kickstarter and save 60%:

The design I picked for the video starts with a maple band that has a fractal burn. Then I inlay the burn with lava glow powder. The end result looks like cracked lava with molten obsidian glowing through the cracks. Finally, I reinforce it with a forged carbon fiber liner. I think this is such a solid design overall and I especially like the contrasty color palette that the materials I selected have together. Let me know what material combinations you’d like to see in the comments below!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Thanks so much for watching everyone! As of writing, there are still super early bird reward tiers available for the Kickstarter. Click the link in the description if you want to back us!

4 days ago
Dang I fell in love with this ring design.

5 days ago
Great result Patrick, sended lots of people your way. I learned allot from your vids and tops. Keep goin cuz i am a big fan of you and your products

6 days ago
Is it me or do you want to buy the rings he makes

1 week ago
Why did I stumble onto this channel? I cannot stop watching. Must. Get. Sleep.

2 weeks ago
love you

3 weeks ago
Hey man im sorry to ask or bug u probably have peaple ask all the time but me and my women are having a baby and want to get married befor hand i would like to get her somthing real! And meaning full thairs one problom i dont have the money to afford a three ring matching set engagement and wedding ring female and matching mens wedding ring im a size 9 and she is an 8 and u can get jiggy with the design and thated be it id really love the help man and ill record the reactions and send em to u id saiy throw the vid on ur youtube for ur subscribers to see a reaction video but not sure if the women will allow that but ill keep an open rain check on that and let u know in the future if she would be ok with the reaction video and i know u probably would not be intrested in helping me i know it takes many hours and lots off skill time and energy resorces to make the rings that u make but ur awsome an absolute god at making rings keep the awsome work flowing man

1 month ago
How can I buy this ring ? I’m just seeing this video. Just subscribed to the channel.

1 month ago
These rings are insane I’d like to get one

2 months ago
+ infinity fire damage and 100 percent lava resistance.

2 months ago
So glad I backed this on kickstarter, even before watching this video, though rewatching it has made me wonder if I made the right choices in the pledgemanager (always secondguessing lol)

2 months ago
is that grant thomson’s vacuum chamber?

2 months ago
Make toph beifong metior braclet .
Avatar aang 🙏🙏🙏

2 months ago
I want to order but I don't know

2 months ago
OMG minecraft

2 months ago

2 months ago
Got mine. Maple with blue lume. Can't wait! Was torn between maple and ebony tho...

2 months ago
what is the name of this lighting powder ??

2 months ago
Mano do céu ficou muinto top

2 months ago
I need a bit of help, when I polish my ring with glow powder/resin inlay. Resin takes the colour of sand paper and paints almost entirely gray. Any advice how to prevent that? I use gedeo crystal clear resin. Thanks

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