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NFL Quarterbacks Getting Leveled
   Sporting Videos 2
  Published: 9 months ago


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8 months ago
I’ll volunteer to get leveled for half a game check 💰

9 months ago
Sherman didn't lay out Goff on purpose, he was saving his life from Chancellor.

9 months ago
I’m not trying to hate on that Buccaneers player with the hit on Carson Wentz, but I personally believe that any game from the preseason doesn’t need to have big leveling hits. I get it is an excellent effort to get to the quarterback and whoever hit him is probably a very good player, but I personally do not believe the referees shouldn’t allow those types of hits in the preseason

Now I’m sounding like someone like Joe Buck or Roger Goodell

9 months ago
lmao none of the QB's that i wanted to see leveled were here

9 months ago
Second tbh whatever that stands for

9 months ago
First tbh

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