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Why SpaceX ditched lightweight Carbon Composites for Stainless Steel to make a sweaty Starship
   Everyday Astronaut
  Published: 7 months ago


SpaceX’s upcoming rocket called Starship Super Heavy formerly known as BFR, will no longer be made out of lightweight Carbon Composites, it’ll sweat a lot, and just MIGHT need a TON of WD-40.

So we’ll take a look at all of Elon’s most recent claims about stainless steel actually being the best option and see if we come to the same conclusion.

We’ll also take a look at some other rockets that are made of stainless steel and explain how SpaceX's use of this material is a little different as they’ll be using new manufacturing techniques and doing things that have never been attempted before.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Yet the kiwis have mastered using carbon fibre for their space craft

14 hours ago
Be sure not to

14 hours ago
How come this ship is starting to look more like something out of a cheesy 1950s science fi ? Guess our future is determined by Flash Gordon

1 day ago
SPACE SHUTTLE DISASTER COLUMBIA. A piece of foam fell off on launch, created a hole in the Shuttles wing allowing hot gas and plasma to enter & melt the SHUTTLE ON RE ENTRY.

1 day ago
A stainless structure is easier to inspect for cracks, too.

4 days ago
Good job.

4 days ago
I like the rocket, but mars is stupid.

4 days ago
Something I have not seen a lot talked about is that carbon composites tend to be extremely conductive, which for a rocket may not be the best thing.

4 days ago
All we need now is for Biff to wax it.

5 days ago
imagine calling yourself an astronaut, when you clearly are not^^ pathetic.

5 days ago
Where do you get access to the research papers you use for your video reference material?

6 days ago
They're gonna do cremaic tiles now

6 days ago
I am sure others have pointed this out (bro) but your guitar is screaming at you "please take the pressure off my neck!". Not good. Not good at all. Note to all guitarists. Do not do this to your guitar. You are adding even more constant pressure to the neck that, depending on the construction of the neck of course, it is not designed to take. You will bow your neck eventually. There are other reasons. Look into it. How do my guitars get transported if they have to lay flat for long periods? Upside down. Yep. Crazy nah? :-) A stable guitar helps it be at its best. Keep the neck nice and constant in regards to pressure and you will have a more stable guitar. If I am wrong please enlighten me? This has been a community service announcement. The better musicians we have in this world the more smiles there are.

1 week ago
Great video really appreciate all the research you do. I am so excited for the first Mars launch 🚀

1 week ago
Use Crystal or Shungite Build Fly Saucers

1 week ago
Out of curiosity, have this guy and smarter everyday did a collaboration or in the works? I can see a 2 hour nerd-talk about BFR/BFS and everything in between.

1 week ago
you do know that I can bend and break a stainless steel spoon with my bare hands, right?

1 week ago
Fantastic content if you want me watching.

1 week ago
BFR is getting less and less futuristic on each iteration. I would say carbon tech proved to be too hard for them - i always considered it as the most problematic part of the design. Steel is much more realistic but it definitely will not allow to get that huge 100+ tonnes class payload in reusable mode.

2 weeks ago
Good detail. Thanks for information/update.

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