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The most insane motherboard I've ever seen... ASUS ROG Dominus W3175X
  Published: 7 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
Shots fired!

2 days ago
Asus ROG Dominus W3175X

2 days ago
Is there an actual follow up to this video?

4 days ago
The motherboard is $50 less than my computer + my friends computer

4 days ago
I have 2 kidneys for a reason

1 week ago
I'm drooling...

2 weeks ago
sharing is caring...

2 weeks ago
find an es 8180

2 weeks ago
Yeah intell laghfing at amd when amd kicking there ass time after time and kicking navida time after time if anyone's to be laghfing it's amd waiting for both companies to make something so expensive so amd can come up with that same thing but more powerful for half the price XD and wow that bord is is a monster I mean power hungry monster with grate power comes grate electric bill

2 weeks ago
One bad thing about VPN is that I use 500/500 speed but the moment I use NordVPN it drops to 20/20 or 50/50 and not higher.... specially when out of country...

2 weeks ago
look at this compared to the crap we get in the uk , shove the lot of it had enough of this bull????

2 weeks ago
The word "ROG" and "Xeon" should not belong together

2 weeks ago
All these Intel socket and CPU numbers, I can't keep track.

2 weeks ago
you could use that for a server

2 weeks ago
I'm a CAD designer and I don't have that. But maybe our lsf server does.

2 weeks ago
That's not a motherboard, it's a mothership!

2 weeks ago
cant be used with multi cpu's huh, funny, I tied 4 boardstogether in a virtual network and got 4 other xeon's that said the same thing.. the work as server's great. oh shit ferget thats what they were f... ahh nevermind, a Cray supercompers have many many racks of motherboard all tied in like that

2 weeks ago
I wish I had 7 fan headers on my mobo

3 weeks ago
insane but useless to gaming but another side, 28 cores 56 Threads that will be perfect to video converter and Video Editing with 4 and 8k

3 weeks ago
Hi !
As much as I use ASUS boards this one has beaten me up, this is actually my second review. I'm posting this message to hopefully get the attention of someone at ASUS that will address the problem with these boards. I am fortunate enough to have purchased more than one for system builds. I purchased the first board over a month ago and I could never get the board to post, Q-code 00 is as far as I got. I turned off and on numerous times before it finally started, then I let the board sit overnight and then tried to start it, same problem. Newegg did RMA for new board, same problem. I figured I would contact ASUS, after trouble shooting with tech I did RMA with ASUS, however, while I was waiting for the board to be repaired I decided to purchase one from another store thinking that Newegg may have gotten a bad batch, the board worked!, that was odd to say the least. I looked at the serial numbers and the board from another store that was actually an earlier model, serial starting with K3, the board I sent in for repairs starts with K4.

Finally ASUS let me know they would be sending a new board, when I received the replacement I looked at the serial number I figured it was the newest release, serial started with K5. I immediately set the board up and had the same problem as my K4 board. I am presently trying to get a video to ASUS so that I could show them what I did to make the board POST but they say they cannot open the file. Months ago I saw a video of a guy having the same problem booting the board after it sits for 2 hours or more, I searched "cold boot problems" and saw a video of a guy with an ASUS board that would not boot after it sat for a period of time. So I turned on my board Q-code stayed at 00, I turned on the blow dryer, blew heat over Q-code area and the board started right away. It seems that something is wrong at ASUS manufacture and tech support cannot really help they ask you to repeat all the steps that you have already done, I would just ask how long have you been building PCs to establish credibility.

I usually don't post reviews but this has really been a disappointment and I am still trying to figure it out with a new board from ASUS, how can you honor a warranty if you cannot replace a bad product with a good one. So if any of you want to see your board start just blow a little heat on it for about 10 seconds you will be suprised.
you Board S/N : k1 or K2 or K3 ??
Thanks,Best Regards,Alex

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