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A$AP Rocky - Kids Turned Out Fine (Official Video)
  Published: 6 months ago


Official music video for “Kids Turned Out Fine” by A$AP Rocky
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Kids are kids, understand
Out late, going crazy, kids innocent
Kids are kids, understand
Out late, going crazy, kids innocent
The girls just want fun
The boys we make noise
The girls kiss the girls
I thank God (aah)
The kids will be alright
Just fine
I heard about all of the long trials in life
All the drugs on my mind
All the troubles I can find
Still I smile
The kids will be alright
Just fine
All the colors are alive
No longer black or white

#ASAPRocky #KidsTurnedOutFine #Rap
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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 hours ago

10 hours ago
am i low-key gay or is this guy so attractive

11 hours ago
Look, I got a text from this girl I used to see
Sayin' that she chose this other guy with whom she wanna be with
Look, I apologize, but this message fucked me up
Then I would skeet-skeet every girl after replying best of luck to ya
Fast forward couple months I'm like wassup witcha?
Cause somethin changed I know ya feel it
But really it's been a lil' minute
Ain't nothin' changed but the address
My neighbors hate how I be livin
Mad it's a loud rich nigga in the buildin

15 hours ago
The kids definitely turned out fine. Love this song ♎❤️

19 hours ago
I’m tripping balls

1 day ago
this song is the def of acid. it sounds like you would here it while tripping

1 day ago
Go pick cocoa beans🤣

2 days ago
Yo i just had to go and search one of your songs to tell you i wish you good luck from Sweden. What happened is fkd up. Be strong dude

2 days ago
This is such a vibe ✨

3 days ago
the guitar riff is by Good Morning - Dont come home today.
thank me later :)

3 days ago
How many pedophiles like this vermin trash

3 days ago
What pathetic music.
how many dead brain cells in the heads that made this rot answer: about five.

3 days ago

3 days ago
'..what I've seen
What's happened
What use to happen

What doesn't happen
What's gonna happen
Like that's what this really is all about.'

hits harder when you really know what he mean...

4 days ago
I fucking love this shit right here... Cant stop listening to it

4 days ago
Love you so much, Asap Rocky, since i was a kid, hope oneday my dream will come true '' meet yourself'' love from Mozambique

5 days ago
Год уже ничего не юзаю, даже травку не курю. Но после этого видео хочется закинуть экстази)

5 days ago

5 days ago

5 days ago
Those who only take away weed and drugs from rockys music aren’t listening

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