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I went to delid my CPU... but I didn’t expect this!
  Published: 10 months ago


Everyone talks about delidding and what an improvement it makes, but there is another reason your CPU runs hot... watch to learn more.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 months ago
Haters will say that the title is photoshopped

1 week ago
Intel you dirty dogs. I've had enough of this bullshit, I'm moving over t... oh for fuck sake....

1 week ago
Who gives a shit about warranties when essentially everything on this channel is a tax write-off.

1 week ago
Well, this is kind of being nitpicky But, the flat spot in the center of the IHS isn't the problem it doesn't get bad contact, the parts around it is that is where all the thick paste isolates the IHS from the waterblock.
Also I'm guessing that Intel either deliberatly makes the IHS's slightly convex rather then the possibility of them being a little concave. Or that they use flat stock and when they stamp them into their final shape they just get a little bit warped.

1 week ago
Hey Jay, have you ever worked with the Cooler Master Cosmos II ? it is an unmatched case, and im surprised to not see a video from you using that case and a really deluxe E-ATX mobo.

1 week ago
i just saw a desktop recycle bin

2 weeks ago
Shouldve used liquid metal

3 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
does delidding without using liquid metal make a difference?

4 weeks ago
You should have used liquid metal

4 weeks ago
hey dude... I just bought a motherboard with 4 cpu slots and shoved in 4 xeon E5-2650 I got for $40 each..

so all that tinkering to get speed out = waste of time... I'm essentially running an 8 ghz pc with 32 gigs of ram for less then what you payed for that cpu :-\ I can cycle mine down to 10 degree's and still have the same perfomance as my old $300 I5 lol

4 weeks ago
Isn't 98 ideal every day temperature in US?

1 month ago
is it a valid reason to return it after spinnig the cpu like that, and tell them the surface is not even, to replace it?

1 month ago
Should have used Liquid Metal

1 month ago
My i9 9900k IHS isn’t flat

1 month ago
"multi grit sand paper" opposed to single grit sand paper ahaha

1 month ago
Is no one going to even call out the clickbait title?? I mean.... I know he normally would get demolished for that lol

1 month ago
LTT type title

1 month ago
case corsair obsidian?

1 month ago
nice monitor, which model you have?

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