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  Published: 1 month ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
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Assalamualikum Our beloved viewers,

We come today with unfortunate news that YouTube has officially demonetized our channel and we no longer can support this channel financially. This doesn't mean that we are totally giving up our dawah! We are going to continue posting videos on our membership page which we request everyone to please join, it's only $1 per month and Wallahi it will help our dawah so much and help us bring you guys the daily beneficial content. We request everyone to become a member and continue supporting this ongoing Dawah that has been on YouTube for 6+ years, and now is moving on to another platform.

For those who don't want to become a member rather just want to make a one time donation, the link to making one time donations will be below as well. Membership costs and the donations costs will solely be used to continue bringing the daily videos.

As long as we have the proper funding from our beloved viewers, Insha’Allah we will bring you the regular beneficial content.

Don't let our Dawah die, and keep TheProphetsPath alive!

1 month ago
May Allah gide n protect us ... In shaa Allah Ameen

1 month ago
Wouldn't it have been easier for the husband to reassure his love for his wife, for the sake of Allah SWT, rather than act blind for years and further burden her financially, emotionally etc?..

1 month ago
isnt that lieing? for years. Allah Alim

1 month ago
Why did YouTube demonetize this channel?

1 month ago
can anyone explain how to sort out a fight between your mother and your wife. you'll have mother quoting the hadith when the Prophet says ' your mother(thrice). Then you'll have your wife quoting this hadith where the Prophet(saw) says the best among you are those that are best to their wives.

1 month ago

1 month ago
excatly my parents has seperated and we are just two sisters and i can truly feel that i have missed huge part of my life due to seperation of my parents the lack of love knoweldge and care and al though i have pass from various emtional stress but i thank Allah the way in which i am still today jazakallah kahir

1 month ago
And to him we will return

1 month ago
I know% 99 this comment will be ignored
Post the words of the Koran🌼and the interaction is very weak 💔 I hope you are honored and encourage me to publish and join me 2 thousand subscribe will win all your brother from Algeria🇩🇿

1 month ago
May Allah swt choose me from the ones who really wife beautifully

1 month ago
I will make another prophets path videos YouTube channel I will save these videos and make a channel and post it
I also hope it does not get demonitize

1 month ago
I heard this same story today in a western channel , they did not mention that it was an Islamic story .

1 month ago
You committed zina like to undo

1 month ago

1 month ago
How coincidental I saw this exact story on Instagram (before u posted this video)

1 month ago
Ya Allah grant us to the straight path

1 month ago
SubhanAllah ❤️❤️

1 month ago
My dad left my mom when I was young with my 3 sibling brother and 2 sisters and believe me it was very difficult for me I and my sisters suffered alot both mentally and financially so please when you get married don't divorce your wives you have no idea how hard it becomes to them I watched my mom raising us and I can tell

1 month ago
Jazaka Allah kheyr bro,
May Allah help you in your hardships and bless your channel,
May Allah grant you wealth and what ever good u want for your channel

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