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Who Is The Hardest Player To Guard According to NBA Players?
  Published: 6 months ago


30 NBA players were asked who they thought was the toughest player to guard in the entire NBA. These are their answers. But let's be honest, we all know the real answer to this question........


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Kd and kyrie

4 hours ago
It’s Durant you can’t teach height with a jumper like that. Kyrie is up Next simply cause he have the best handles in league history.

6 hours ago
None of these dudes said my name? 2k20 my career.... no mercy.

9 hours ago

10 hours ago
allen iverson

16 hours ago
If you're a guy who actually you know, "locking people" on defense, you know there is that one type of offensive guy who can mess your entire gameplan...

17 hours ago
KD putting some respect on Kobe.

18 hours ago
who stopin lebron

20 hours ago
Cedi osman

21 hours ago
Giannis man not my fav player but is monster you cant guard big g

22 hours ago
Bro cp3 said harden was the hardest but when he played on the clippers harden wasn’t as good

1 day ago
I thought Chris Paul would say Steph

1 day ago
Kevin muthafucking Durant he damn near u feet and can pull up on anybody and get to the rim

1 day ago
Derrick rose comebackkkkk🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

1 day ago
T P. Was wiping 🧻 his butt?

1 day ago
In terms of EFFICIENCY, Giannis had a 57% FG% during the regular season and still a 50% FG% during the playoffs. That's an average of 11% POINTS HIGHER than James Harden over those same periods, meaning he got stopped from scoring way more than Giannis did...

2 days ago
A lot of these answers/clips were taken from 2-3 years ago, I can guarantee Giannis Antentokoumpo would be in that top 3 if people asked today. For those who say "just sag off," ALL TEAMS with 6'8"+ players tried that and he still won MVP b/c it takes him one step from the 3 point line to get enough momentum to dunk on anyone who tries that. Otherwise, give him 1-2 years to develop a better jumpshot and bulk up even more and he's like a combo of Kevin Durant and Lebron James. Lots of people also forget/don't know that he was about a ~35% 3-pt shooter for the final months of the regular season when he focused on that. So think what he can do in the future... I'd say possibility to be THE BEST EVER

2 days ago
I agree with Gary payton cause John Stockton was a beast in passing and stealing and also he has the highest number of assists in the league and has nearly more than a 2000 lead in the second position

2 days ago
I’m suprised lebron aint say Jason terry😂

2 days ago
Where Kawhi at? Lolz

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