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Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson
  Published: 7 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 months ago

23 minutes ago
ya girl shook

38 minutes ago
i dont get scaredof these videos, but rewatching them is scarier for some reason : ]

1 hour ago
Faz vídeo com legendas em português, pf

2 hours ago
And the microphone is always on bc it needs to know when you say “Hey Siri” so the phone knows you want Siri, plus you can turn the fricking microphone off in settings

2 hours ago
Does Shane not know that Live Photo’s was made to record 3 seconds before you take a photo, Apple isn’t secretly doing this and all you have to do is press the circle icon in the camera app and it is turned off! Apple doesn’t store your photos and data bc they don’t make their money off of that unlike google, amazon and Microsoft, Apple makes their money by people buying their products and services. Also the phone calling “conspiracy” was a bug in Apples os and they patched it. Apple was never and doesn’t care what the hell you are talking about on the phone. Apple is the only tech company that dose t want to know your info, they care about your privacy. So think twice before you paint Apple as a counterpart to the U.S. Government who is trying to spy on you, bc you just gave millions of people the wrong info on Apple

2 hours ago
0:19 CC says shop homo oml XD

3 hours ago
Raise ur hand if ur an Android user and therefore safe ✋✋✋✋

3 hours ago
12:56 If this wasn’t gonna happen before you could’ve just given some psycho freaks an idea

3 hours ago

3 hours ago
Music is too loud, shane talks too quiet.

3 hours ago
Look how the brick chimneys are still standing. Maybe we should be building our houses out of brick or concrete

4 hours ago
Scrolling through comments trying not to freak out 😩😱

4 hours ago
Mk for now on the shirt shane is wearing will be called the theory shirt or the shirt that is all ways in his video's

4 hours ago
1:41:58 That’s a goose

5 hours ago
How is Morgan's still single. She is so beautiful

5 hours ago
Why you making me want to cry😞😭

5 hours ago
I just cant believe Looney toons would make the most popular character's just end it all in a horrible way

5 hours ago
Please stop, we can’t keep covering these up. We literally DON’T have any time to capture aliens because of these videos. We need you to seize and dissolve

5 hours ago
And.... This I'd why I don't have an iPhone. sigh I told all those people that Apple was no good.

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