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Tank Chats #66 Leopard 2 | The Tank Museum
   The Tank Museum
  Published: 6 months ago


Tank Chats playlist Curator David Willey gives chapter and verse on the German Main Battle Tank, Leopard 2, which first entered service with West Germany during the Cold War.

The Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank was kindly temporarily loaned to The Tank Museum by the Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Some stills and footage: © All rights reserved. (AR2011-0034-009, PA01-2016-0139-076, IS2010-3030-24, IS2011-1021-15, IS14-2017-0003-049, B11-ATHENA-020) reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF (2019)

At 8:55 Leopard 2 from The Arsenalen Museum, Sweden.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
The Germans should have modernize the King Tiger.

9 hours ago
where is the chally two chat ?

12 hours ago
The Dutch version has one forward gear and like the Egyptians version has 12 reverse gears

18 hours ago
A5 is my fav tank of all time

21 hours ago
Brilliant series DW and team!
Comments on the operational combat experience problems encountered by the Turks' Leo 2's in N. Syria SVP.

21 hours ago
Never got the comprende' with the ''Arrow Head'' design regard to the mega ''Shot Trap''? vs the Challenger 2 think.

2 days ago
You can kill a tank, but you cannot kill the tank.

In the end a big angry beast of a machine just has certain charms and abilities nothing else can match.

2 days ago
Speak softly and carry a big stick.

3 days ago
Please note everybody that even the ABRAMS uses the german Rheinmetal L-44 gun...

4 days ago
The primary focus on french tank design.

4 days ago
When an armed force like the Canadian forces that are used to insurgency and guerrillas in their peace keeping operation brings their tanks to the field, you should probably take note. They aren't bringing them to show off to other coalition nations and their fast wheeled armoured vehicle with 25mm gun proved much better than the same American version with a 50 cal. Just like the Danish with their CV90.

4 days ago
Hmmm, American mass-production tank or an over-engineered German breakdown tank? That's an easy choice if you ask me.

5 days ago
2:12 One would think that, after the War Of Independence (1776 - against the Empire btw), the Americans would choose Napoleon's system (1799 - Revolutionary over the 'Imperial' system); but noooo....

5 days ago
This tank is named after me

6 days ago
Why do the Germans like to name their tanks after big cats? Not hating just something I’ve noticed

1 week ago
Question now is, how many models before we just decide to call it Leopard 3? What would e the Leopard 3 even look like? I love the Leopard 2. It's design is visually appealing, it's moblie, and it's deadly.

1 week ago
Is there no Abrams at the museum? If sure they will get one eventually.
I ask as I havent seen a video on it in the cold war series...nor challenger 2 (yet..or have I missed them?)
Great stuff anyway..cant wait for my next trip up there!

1 week ago
Love it

1 week ago
I was invited on a ride in the simulator of the Leopard 2 (Germany). I presume the simulator simulated it perfectly. It drove like a normal automatic transmission car. Lots of virtual automobiles, trees and whatnot were distroyed as I drove on the Streets. The width is tremendous. It did not help that the simulator operator produced black ice from one moment to the next either...

2 weeks ago
Did I just see a tank in a swimming pool?!

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