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Conan & Nick Kroll Teach A Sex Ed Class
   Team Coco
  Published: 6 months ago


CONAN Highlight: Who better to educate young people about puberty and safe sex than Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago
“I’m standing here with my good pal, Nick Kroll hey Nick”

“I’m good thanks hi Conan”😂😂😂

4 days ago
in my sex ed class, they pretty much just went over anatomy and nothing else.

4 days ago
The sense of humor of these kids is horrible if it was me there i’d be laughing my ass off 😂

5 days ago
Nick Kroll and Conan are so funny together holy heck. Didnt expect Nick to be funny as well. But I mean, you do have to be funny to diffuse tension talking about sex to teenagers lol

5 days ago
Nick krill is just rick roll

6 days ago
I need to experiment and explore the female body...any volunteers?

6 days ago
I think I can officially say that nick kroll is my favorite person

7 days ago
The only thing I hear coming out of Nick Kroll's mouth is, “OH MY GWOAAAAAAAD!!!”

1 week ago
They are all virgins

1 week ago
Teacher “Did you learn anything today?”
Me “yeah! Conan and nick are funny”

1 week ago
Uncle drew

2 weeks ago
I can't believe that his name was actually Conor! What are the chances 😂😂

2 weeks ago
“Hey Nick.”
“What I’m good thanks.”

speech 100

2 weeks ago
isn't it cute that nick kroll called himself a comedian? he thinks he makes humor

2 weeks ago
Sex education for the kid.u doing great job american

2 weeks ago
The girl in the green is cute

2 weeks ago
Whats with this class? I see like 4-5 People wearing VanS :D

2 weeks ago
this remote deserves at least another 10 mins. come on!

2 weeks ago
Best reaction of Conan... 02:13 🤣🤣

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