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  Published: 11 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 days ago
Let me be upon the ones Allah loves.

2 weeks ago
OK so if we can invite Allah's anger and curse upon ourselves.. How do we ask him to take it away or are we stuck with it forever?

2 weeks ago
May Allah forgive all our sins

2 weeks ago
Alhamdullilah am Muslim

2 weeks ago
Why You Talking About Your Family Sins???.. Supposed To Talk To Forigive?

2 weeks ago
Sir...i came back to islam but before i was married or we are married to christians..all i want is my 5 daugthers and my wife go back to islam...can you do a prayer for me...coz i know you where so close to allah (swt)..
Please anyone please pray for doing prayers asking for this to ALLAH.but if could do it for maybe Allah will listen to you directly.please...i want my wife and kids go back to islam..

3 weeks ago
May Allah swt forgive all our sins🙏

1 month ago
Subhanallah 💛

1 month ago
Allah does not get angry he gets disappointed.

1 month ago
mashaAllah the shiekh’s voice is splendid, a relevant topic

1 month ago
May allah help us all and guide us to the straight path ammen plz also make dua for me and my family

1 month ago
We can't see without Allah. We hear because of Allah. We are muslims because of Allah. He asks for so little and He gives soo much. SubhanAllah. Alhamdullilah. Allah O Akbar. Allah is the greatest. None is worthy of praise but Him. None can save the soul but Him.

1 month ago
Assalamualakum everyone. I ask for everyone’s Du’a so that I will be Anle to get the grades which I want to achieve so that I can make my parents proud lately I’ve lost connection with allah please help me. I wish that your duas are also getting excepted Inshaallah ameen

1 month ago
Best reminder

1 month ago
amen to this😂

1 month ago
And is it true that iblis have a pennis on the leg and vagina on other leg and he shake his leg to make intercourse then he lay eggs? That's a stupid story. How could people such have a brain believe this

1 month ago
It is so stupid to believe that there are virgins in heaven, two in heaven and 70 will be imported from hell. And it is so stupid to believe that there are slave children in heaven that will serve me. And it is so stupid to believe that there is a river of wine in heaven. It is so stupid to believe that you pennis will be endless in heaven. It is so stupid to believe that 70years orgasm in heaven. Even in heaven Allah promising addiction and slavery and fornication. If this is heaven for you, I don't want to go there. It is a disgusting heaven

1 month ago
And why Allah said he is mad with someone who don't sin. He said I was created just only to worship him. And if I don't make sin, he will change me with someone who have sin so the sinner can ask forgiveness from him?

1 month ago
Why Allah have a chin, a two hands on the right shoulder, look like the dajal but the dajal has only one 1 but Allah has two eye but yet he is not spirit. How he had a physical being but no spirit?

1 month ago
Allah is completely bullshit, and now Allah feel angry but he can't do anything because he doesn't exist.

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