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LAST TO LEAVE Backyard Wins $10,000 - Challenge (Is the Game Master over?) | Rebecca Zamolo
   Rebecca Zamolo
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Rebecca Zamolo and the game master network played the last to leave backyard challenge to win $10,000 and a mysterious GMI man showed up.

Rebecca Zamolo and the Game Master network signed a contract from the GMI so they could go back to fun challenges. In today’s video the best friends Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel do a similar challenge to the Norris Nuts last to leave swimming center but instead play Last to leave backyard wins $10000. Rebecca and Matt’s backyard has been transformed into a giant inflatable waterpark just like the Labrant Fam did.They first compete in a race on an inflatable waterslide and first to finish wins $100 to spend on backyard supplies. When they arrive at the store they buy different water toys and snacks to survive the longest. Will this turn into another 24 hour challenge overnight? Upon arriving back at the cabin a mysterious man is waiting to greet them. He tells them he was sent by the GMI to congratulate us with a gift basket of Starbucks products. We aren’t sure if we trust him but we decide to continue with the challenge. This game is like Fortnite and each round gets smaller and tinier. Matt tricks them and spills water on their snacks while Rebecca tries to stay hidden on the giant waterslide during the battle royale. Daniel becomes eliminated when they prank him with coffee and he leaves the inflatable slide. Finally it becomes a husband vs wife challenge in the giant pool. Rebecca and Matt try not to fall into the water but it gets cold. Rebecca falls for the Matt prank when she agrees to split the $10,000 and she leaves the water. Why do you think the GMI wants to erase the Game Master and can we trust them to tell the truth? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 weeks ago
Who watched this LAST TO LEAVE backyard challenge all the way through without skipping? Do you trust the GMI- Why or why not?

12 minutes ago
13:87 M
27:15 D
14:21 R
Matt won

21 minutes ago
Rebecca is going to win

1 hour ago
With 100 dollars I would get a tent food and drinks something to entertain me and torches

4 hours ago
I am the GMI

16 hours ago
Backyard water slide sqaud

17 hours ago
The gmi is liing to you you are starting a game I promis the gml are liing toyou

20 hours ago

22 hours ago
come on Rebecca

22 hours ago
You will

23 hours ago
something is not right ........Andrew

23 hours ago
Daniel his hiding something i mean he always is supicous

1 day ago

1 day ago
I agree with you daniel

1 day ago
I think he has a clone the one who gave Starbucks and Rebecca your clone and him had something black on the arm

2 days ago
Matt is always does that

2 days ago
Food I love food

2 days ago
The GMI is hypnotizing everybody so don't trust them the game master the Red Hood the hackers are real but don't cross the Rockies

2 days ago

2 days ago
Matt is a cheater

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