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Our best effort still SUCKS - Sketchy Heatsinks 3
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 year ago


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Our last homemade heatsink was... terrible. But can we get it right this time?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
What if the hacksmith shows up and helps because he also does his YouTube videos in Canada and he likes working on projects that includes cutting metal

2 days ago
im using a CoolerMaster Hyper 212, it works really great tbh. (Core i5 9600k, on stress test not overclocked, it stays around 62-75 celsius)

3 days ago
На это больно смотреть даже мне далекому от станков и производства

4 days ago
I love how Linus said “your calling what your doing machining” and cuts to angle grinder clip.

6 days ago
alex copping that rhcp shirt I see you

6 days ago
Time to revisit this with the new tools

7 days ago
Where to buy

7 days ago
Was this before or after you spent 100 grand + on making a machine shop?

7 days ago
should' took that shit to a machine shop

1 week ago
“You can’t just slap a block of aluminum on the CPU, though.”

Pretty sure that was LITERALLY the end result of episode 2. It didn’t even have a fan except for a Corsair 120mm vaguely blowing next to it.

1 week ago
Hey guys, some tips for your safety and to make life much much easier. When cutting aluminium with a friction type disc, get a block of bees wax or bees wax candle and apply it to the disc. This lubricates the disc as alum gets quite soft when hot and grabs the disc which risks it exploding in your face. Second when drilling materials a simple rule of thumb, hard material=slow speed lotsa feed and the inverse of course soft materials =high speed soft feed and if your drill squeals its rubbing not cutting. And 3rd when you are cutting profiles in materials like the cpu mating plate, a jigsaw with the appropriate blade will be a godsend. Happy fabricating lads

1 week ago
Watching him hammer those bolts into the vice hurt me in a deep and primal way

1 week ago
Cringe to watch 2 nerds that never took woodshop/metal working classes in their childhood...

1 week ago
I love how he says “I don’t need you to get off to be satisfied” I feel bad for his wife

1 week ago
why you don`t use vacum table to cut on cnc?

1 week ago
At least it works

1 week ago
Well you have a new merchandize callles LTX Heatsinks

1 week ago
Take 1mm copper sheet and 1mm aluminum sheet.

Cut a number of fins, mixing tall aluminum fins and short copper "spacer" fins.

The cuts, probably best done via a stack up and Wire EDM cut for consistency, need to include a couple of holes, into which copper or aluminum bolts can be ran through to tie it all together and create a sandwich.

If the fins are designed correctly, it might be easy to include a way to mount the heat sink to the motherboard and attach a fan to that as well.

2 weeks ago
is there going to be a ep4

2 weeks ago
"Finished is the word"... You killed me.

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