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The Fastest Xbox of All Time
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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The Xbox One X just isn't powerful enough for us, so we decided to take matters into our own hands, creating a sleeper PC in an original Xbox chassis.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
next PlayStation

6 hours ago
i would love to work at LMG and do projects like these, itd be so much fun

7 hours ago
I wish my boss was as cool as Linus and just simply replies : "dunc are"

17 hours ago
Hey, he’s using a xbox one controller to control an original xbox. Thats not allowed

22 hours ago
What RGB thing did they use for the power button?

1 day ago
Now try to do the same in a fat ps2.

1 day ago
I love these nerds :)

1 day ago
Thats not x box... that is a pc in a xbox case

2 days ago
this is so dumb but I love that you guys must have known that and you did it anyway! Well done gentlemen!!

2 days ago
Fun Personal Fact: The first X-Box was my first DVD player.

2 days ago
Mum where is my old xbox

I threw it out, it looks like trash

You fucking what

3 days ago
Non working? Theres virtually no such thing short of smashing it into a million pieces. If you cant fix it then you didnt try.

3 days ago
Underrated butttt: I love the Linus Tech Tips intro, its so catchy and cool to look at.

4 days ago
use an xbox one original model case you have much more space to work with its like my mothers old vhs video

4 days ago
this is what happens when PC gamers bought a console....

4 days ago
I would buy this.

4 days ago
Can someone please get Linus a pair of sneakers. I'm tired of these ugly ass sandals.

4 days ago
This just shows you that if a small team like LTT can make a powerful computer in the size of a console large gaming companies like Sony and Microsoft should be able too as well.

4 days ago
Why not make Steam boot in big picture? or even test Steam OS

5 days ago
This guy bought a sheet metal brake. I have an entire metal & machining shop with thousands of dollars of tools and yet i can never justify to myself the cost in space & cash to buy one.

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