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  Published: 2 weeks ago


Roblox Gymnastics - Today my daughter is trying out for gymnastics in Roblox so she can become a gymnastics superstar! I took my daughter to her first gymnastics class and she broke his arm...well almost XD! Dont worry though she actually did really good, I think if she keeps it up he'll be the best gymnast!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Well this didnt end well.. XD
● Checkout Baby Ellie' Channel (played by Ricky)! ►

1 hour ago
hhahahaha Ellie fall

3 hours ago
I broke my arm

4 hours ago

20 hours ago
4:40 she just dives in!😂😂

22 hours ago

2 days ago
Its Abigail when she said she wanted to go on toilet

3 days ago
I saw Abby

3 days ago
Omg did she fall

3 days ago
What’s the name of the game

3 days ago
Lol when said was like ready flipped got stuck

3 days ago
She fell on her face

3 days ago
Omg when she fell lol but omg

3 days ago
also zai can you join me my username is leahgamming66 I LOVE YOU YOU MY FAVE YOUTUBER IAND IT WOULD BE MY DREAM TO MEET YOU IN ROBLOX ALSO I DONT HAVE ROUBUX do you have a group on roblox if you do pls comment back what its called and can you pls give my roubux if ou do have one only 25 for bloxburg i feel left out

3 days ago
hey zai i got a gym on roblox its called gymnastics gymnasium its super FUN

3 days ago
If Ellie continues gymnastics can u let her join the competition? Because I am competing with gravity and it would be fun watching Ellie compete! :)
Edit: I just saw she doesn’t want to!

3 days ago
Girl u need to friend me I have something waiting for u my account is Xxxoliviaxxxxxxxxx

3 days ago
When is she said dive I thought she said died

3 days ago
I know that game and I used to play it all the time, but then it disabled my flips, and I can only use the tumbling tools!

4 days ago
She went to the bathroom so she can say abaigail abaigail i see u

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