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Installing my Electric Car Charger - What Could Go Wrong??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 11 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
"look at me I'm doing electrition things", (LOUD ZAP) Linus is now a piece of toast

4 days ago
Damn millennials and their hybrid cars

6 days ago
Just an observation Linus, but I would recommend that you get better insulation between your garage and the area above. if it's connected to the house (which I assume it is based on the fact that it's insulated at all), having a poor insulation layer is gonna make that room cold. also if you improve the insulation it would be good to also air seal that ceiling while your up there, because garages are subject to all sorts of fumes that can lower your in-home air quality.

7 days ago
Siemen is the SI unit of conductance so maybe that has something to do with the name.

1 week ago
Bruh, you've got quite a lot of ghosts in your garage.

1 week ago
Time to do the LTT thing and go in all the way, trade that "Volt" thing in for a Tesla!!

1 week ago
Dick jokes everywhere

1 week ago
Has Linus been watching Rich Rebuilds? And, why no RGB on the charging cable?

1 week ago
next : add RGB to my Electric Car Charger

1 week ago
Linus and Crack Musk getting shock'd - What Could Go Wrong??

1 week ago
Why you doesn't have a tesla? fuck makes me nervous looking at a big youtuber without one hahaha

1 week ago
Finally a youtuber that doesnt have a tesla

2 weeks ago
13A @ 220V doesn't seem high charging current, at least in Europe, where a standard wall socket is rated for 16A @ 230V. Here high current EV charging is typically on a circuit that is 32A @ 230V one phase, or even more if you have a 3 phase supply (but not all vehicles supports charging with 3 phases).

2 weeks ago
No rotozip

2 weeks ago
5:21 and throughout....

Either I have a very dirty mind or Linus is really hitting it "" hard "" on the puns referring to "sex" and "genitals" .... either way, its hard to really know for sure but I seriously laughed my ass off during the conversations between him and Brian.

There is really nothing better imo, than a good moment to exchange puns and slurs and jokes when its funny as hell!

2 weeks ago
Going from a Honda civic to a GM vehicle is a downgrade Linus

2 weeks ago
a real man uses sharpie on the wall and alligns the mirror to the tinyest of dots
not cat toys

2 weeks ago
110 reversed phase =220. noobz.

2 weeks ago
The sun though when it reflected off your hand lol 2:10

2 weeks ago
Linus just makes a bunch of box's named "BETTER"

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